Pitfalls of Purchasing Last Minute Single Trip Holiday Insurance

The majority of smart travellers opt to research single trip holiday insurance deals before setting off to far flung destinations. They may use well-known comparison websites in the identification of suitable deals. However, representatives of the leading companies say they receive regular calls from people who’ve either forgotten or delayed the purchase of comprehensive cover. Don’t fall into that unfortunate group!

The Best Time to Buy a Policy

The major providers advise prospective travellers to invest in suitable cover some considerable time before any scheduled trips. Those who heed this advice benefit from the assurance of being covered against a wide range of eventualities including the event of unexpectedly delayed or cancelled flights and collapsed travel plans before they even set foot on a plane. Some frequent flyers may even consider the option of purchasing an annual multi-trip policy so they don’t need to think about this more than once.

Delaying the Purchase

It’s worth bearing in mind that the major insurers have differing attitudes regarding the arrangement of last-minute cover. However, they all demand the purchase of suitable policy prior to arrival at the airport. Fortunately there are some specialist insurers who are willing to arrange cover at the last possible moment and may even offer policies to those who’ve already arrived in at their destination. However, travellers are usually required to pay a premium for specialist cover like this.

Dealing With Different Situations

The delayed purchase of single trip holiday insurance isn’t always due to forgetfulness. There are some people who take advantage of specialist deals as a means of ensuring financial protection, however, it is worth pointing out that providers are well aware of the potential for fraud. They realise that the decision to purchase cover may be made subsequent to the loss of a valuable item or development of an illness, so conduct strict checks to ensure the validity of any claims.