Photo Editors and Graphic Designers Selling to Stock Photography Sites

A best friend to the freelance digital photographer is Photoshop, and, besides your digital camera, it can be the most important tool to taking great pictures. And, it helps extremely well when you are selling to stock photography sites. Your digital photos will have better sales if you invest the time to edit them in Photoshop. What about if you mostly want to do editing in Photoshop or want to be a graphic designer, will you have any success selling through stock photography sites?

There are a ton a up and coming graphic designers, and photo editors like yourself trying to find a freelance income from their work, and a lot of those people turn to stock photo sites. If you don’t know what a stock photography site is; it is a site that provides graphic designers, advertisers, and marketers digital pictures for their work. You upload digital photos, learn how to get them found and whoever needs your pictures will buy them and you make the profit. This is mostly a method of making money for freelance digital photographers but graphic designers and photo editors of all sorts can profit from this business. Actually having photo editing skills will benefit you in the long run.

So, like I said, the people who are buying stock photo pictures are graphic designers like you. Meaning, you know exactly what they want from a digital picture. You can utilize this information and make more sales by providing them with the types of digital photos they want. This might not have enough digital editing for a graphic designer but it is a way to start earning money from your work. Also, you will need to use your own pictures, and cannot resell other peoples pictures. So, you will need to know how to use a digital camera. But your work would mainly consist of taking and editing your photos.

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