Paper Camera App – A Great Photo Editor For Android Devices Like The HTC Sensation XL

One of the key features on many modern smartphones is the excellent camera facilities that are on offer. As the camera features have improved in quality the number of applications available to enhance these facilities has also increased. The iPhone has typically had access to the best software in this area but a new Android app named Paper Camera has been released which is perfect for devices such as the HTC Sensation XL and Sensation XE.

There are numerous applications available that enable you to manipulate how your photographs look. Many of these are very poor in quality but occasionally one comes along which produces superb results. Last year we saw the Instagram app for the iPhone 4 become a global success thanks to its beautiful visuals and simple interface and now Android have a similar option in the shape of Paper Camera. Rather than confuse the user with multiple options and effects this new software is very simple to use which is why it will appeal to many Android consumers. The attractive thing about Paper Camera is that it applies the effects to your photograph in real time. What this basically means is that you can see how the image will look before you actually take the photograph. This is a much quicker system than what is offered by alternative software which relies upon you capturing the image and then applying the effects afterwards. Some of the effects that this application produces look superb. The sketch option looks artistic and has a retro feel while another option multiplies the image by four and applies a different colour filter to each individual picture. The result of this is a modern looking image that is reminiscent of something that may have been painted by Andy Warhol. Thanks to the high quality displays used by devices such as the HTC Sensation XL and XE the results look fantastic.

The Paper Camera application for the HTC Sensation XL uses an interface that phone users of all ages will find easy to navigate. Rather than present the user with a complex screen full of various effects the interface is very minimal. In an attempt to make the software look totally different from many rivals the developers have given the home screen a design that looks as though it has been roughly sketched on a notepad. This gives the application a unique look and feel which feels a million miles away from the copycat interfaces used by many similar systems. Retrieving your images is also a very simple task. Rather than final photographs being stored within the software itself they are placed directly into your photo gallery so they can be viewed alongside all of your other images. Although the application may be a little basic for photographers looking for more advanced results it will appeal to the majority of Android users and the fact that it has already gained over half a million downloads supports this fact.

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