On FIRE Or DIRE: Is the Leather Biker Jacket Here to Stay?

Judging by the elite fashionista’s on our screens and in our media it’s resoundingly: On FIRE, and here’s why…

The leather biker jacket obviously has its practical uses for riders but it also enjoys an iconic and timeless status as a must have fashion item. Like most things we have an unexplained affinity for, the leather biker jacket does have its roots laid in something that most of us love and admire, even if we love and admire it from afar.

So what exactly is it that our subconscious connects to this most legendary of styles? It’s the open road and everything that it brings with it of course. Freedom, harmless youthful rebellion, the downing of the suit jacket and the rise of the individual and their own style. The Leather biker jacket is a truly legendary piece of kit, worn with stunning effect by some of the most influential, individual trail-blazers of our time spanning Brando and Travolta to Brad and Angelina.

It’s all these things that rightfully give the leather biker jacket its appeal. Even if we can’t have it it’s nice to be reminded of life beyond our day-to-day zombie commute or well rooted desk jobs and may in fact inspire us just enough to be adventurous in our own lives.

If you want your biker jacket to be bulging with authenticity here’s a few of the many details you might want to look out for. It has to be real leather, no biker or in fact no sane person who is seriously risking their own skin would be seen dead in anything else. A cut-away stand up collar, you can’t have a collar covering your eyes when you’re cruising down route 66. Shameless use of zips and pockets, this piece of kit has to be functional as well as stylish. A slim fit, unless you’re actually riding a bike it doesn’t need to be like a second skin but don’t stray too far from this rule or you won’t be keeping it real.