Obtain Multiple Insurance Quotes From One Website

If there is only one major benefit to be named of the implementation of the internet, it is in providing consumers the tool to price shop for anything they need without leaving the privacy of their bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. In the early years of the internet, the time saved just by surfing individual websites for necessities, like personal property insurance quotes, at any time of day or night make life much easier. Today, there are conglomerate websites that will allow you to shop for auto and home owners insurance from hundreds of individual providers by simply filling out one form on the website and submitting it to all available insurance carriers by a single keystroke.

The individual insurance carriers will then email you a personal quote for your auto or homeowners insurance needs, based on the information that you provided to the website. The information you will be required to provide will be in depth, so have a copy of your current insurance policy on hand so you can request all of the same coverages for comparison.

In some cases, the insurance companies will follow up with a phone call, but most agents will not bother you, as they recognize that the consumer is shopping from a group website and will obviously call them if they have provided the best quote. The number of general quotes they provide is just too vast to follow up on each one. Be sure, when you fill out the information form, to provide a current email address. In order to protect your privacy, it is illegal in most states for a sales agent to trace your email address to contact you, and the group website will not provide the root email address to the individual insurance companies, on the chance that you are transmitting from somewhere other than your home or personal email address.