nsurance Claims Adjusters – Five Secrets of Getting Your Way With Claims Adjusters

Insurance claims adjusters are, for the most part, very nice people in a tough job. They are caught in between the insurance company that wants them to control the claim settlement amount, and you, the policyholder or claimant, who wants the very highest settlement amount possible.

But I’m not nearly as concerned about them. If they don’t like their job, they can quit. Nobody is forcing them to be claims adjusters.

I’m mostly concerned about you, the policyholder.

The book that I wrote, “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” shows consumers all the ways that they can take control of their insurance claims, and add hundreds or even thousands more dollars to their claim settlements. Many of the strategies in the book are confrontational. But you can learn to confront honestly without unpleasantness.

Insurance companies have games and scams that they use to delay claims and minimize settlements. Policyholders and claimants are usually placed under financial hardship when they have an insured loss. Few of the people I’ve ever met who had a claim could afford to repair or replace their damaged goods out of their bank account. Most of the time, people depend upon the restitution they receive from the insurance company.

Insurance companies know this, and rely upon it. They know that delays will place pressure on policyholders and claimants, and that makes them more willing to accept lower settlements.

Back in September 2008 I wrote and posted an article about “Dealing with Adjusters.” It has been one of my most popular articles. Hundreds and hundreds of people have read it. But today I want to put a spin on that article and make an even more obvious point.

When you are dealing with claims adjusters, make sure that you are ALWAYS pleasant, well-mannered, and polite. You can’t control them, but you CAN control YOU.

You need to “nice them to death!” Make sure you are doing the following:

1. Speak calmly whether in person or by phone, no matter what your level of frustration may be.

2. Make your requests for payment, documents or any other requests politely, and make them in writing.

3. Be firm but respectful when you are using a claim strategy. Being demanding will only make the adjuster feel threatened, and he will want to resist your demand to prove he cannot be controlled by you.

4. When you write a letter, be sure that you are polite and respectful. Simply state what you want them to do and remember to say “please” and “thank you”…just like your mother taught you.

5. Do not, under any circumstances, lose your temper! Words said in anger are impossible to retract. You can apologize as much as you want, but better to say things for which you will not have to apologize. Be in control. If you feel like blowing up at your adjuster, end the meeting or phone conversation and come back another time to finish your business.