Non-Standard Insurance – Different Quotes For Different Folks

There are thousands of people who, often through no fault of their own, find themselves unable to obtain insurance quotes through the Internet. Similarly, there are hundreds of specialist insurance intermediaries across the country who are looking to provide insurance to such individuals and who frequently have access to highly specialised insurance schemes that would easily meet the requirements of all but the most bizarre insurance situation.

When it comes to arranging your insurance online, it’s not easy being a bit different, slightly unusual or ‘non-standard’, as the insurance specialists call it.

The majority of quote-and-buy insurance websites tend to cater for those who fall into a ‘Mr or Mrs (or Ms) Average’ profile and as you would expect, there are significant numbers of these using the Internet to find cheap insurance, whether for their car, their home or their business.

What if you’re not Mr or Mrs Average? What if you have a criminal record, or your car or motorbike is modified, or your home is Grade 2 listed? What if your job, your hobby or your medical history make you a dodgy insurance risk? For those unfortunate enough to fall into such non-standard insurance categories (and there are plenty of these), finding insurance on the Internet can be a frustrating exercise. The mainstream insurance websites will typically shy away from allowing such high-risk individuals the opportunity to get a quote, because they fall foul of their normal insurance underwriting rules.

But although you might live in a timber-framed, thatched cottage located on a flood plain, you are just as likely to want to use the Internet to arrange your insurance, if not more so. Likewise if you suffer from diabetes, or maybe you are physically disabled, you may still want to be able to do your insurance research online, even if ultimately you need to be referred for individual underwriting.

So if your circumstances are a little unusual and your insurance requirements fall outside ‘normal underwriting criteria’ where can you go for assistance?

Fortunately there are specialist websites that allow you to submit your details to insurance intermediaries who specialise in a wide range of niche and non-standard types of insurance. As they are targeting the unusual and non-mainstream types of risk, the websites are carefully designed to allow you to put as much relevant information into the online forms as is necessary to enable the specialist insurance brokers the best chance of offering you a competitive quote.