No Medical Insurance

Disaster can strike when you do not have Medical Insurance. Do your medical bills grow before your very eyes? How do you pay these escalating medical bills when you can’t afford it?

Disaster can strike when you do not have medical insurance for yourself or your family.

Do you think people do not have medical insurance because they don’t want it? Do you think it is frivolous?

-What happens when you:

(1) Lose Your Job

(2) Get Sick

(3) Relocate—.

When you need to make a decision on spending money on medical insurance or food for your family—food wins hands down—. If you are a full time employee and you lose your job—generally you lose your medical coverage also.

This is the time to ask your past employer what is my options for continuing my medical insurance. Cobra can be purchased for a higher premium and for a short time only. It is a stop gap measure only until you next full – time employment.

When people work part time they don’t qualify for medical insurance through their employment. Your employer isn’t dumb. PART TIME EMPLOYMENT FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES MEANS NO MEDICAL INSURANCE PREMIUMS OF THEIR POCKETS. This means you still do not have medical insurance for yourself and your family.


You might qualify for Medi-cal or County Medical Services (CMS.)
These are the only two government funded agencies that can help you. You are screened by income and the amount of money you have in the bank.— If you as an adult do not qualify for these agencies,—your children might.


Children have an easier time qualifying for government assisted programs. There are several programs available for children depending on their special needs.


If you qualify for one of these agencies do not think that filling out one form is all you do. You have to show up for your scheduled appointment and bring the proper paper work with you. —Otherwise, your claim will be denied—.

Medical Insurance is obtained by full – employment or by purchasing it yourself through a private insurance company which is fine for the people that can afford the huge premiums.


When you apply for Medical Insurance you may be denied because of a pre-existing condition. This simply means, you have medical problems already and the Medical Insurance Company will not cover you for these problems.


Discount cards are available through private insurance companies. Let me explain. You still pay a monthly fee but not as much as your typical medical insurance monthly premium. When you go to a doctor or pharmacy you get a cash discount. The only catch is,—you have to pay for your doctor’s visit at the time of the visit—.

You have to be careful when applying for this discount card, just like everything else it could rip you off. So do your homework. These are becoming very popular.


These are medical facilities that take care of minor problems. Anything serious would be referred to a hospital emergency room.
You will have to pay for your medical visit at the time of service.

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