Massages With Green Tea?

Green tea, also used in beauty treatments for the skin
It is clear that green tea is a kind of modern panacea, although its antiquity gives it a quota of paradox. It is useful for practically everything one can think of and, of course, it is used in beauty.

Tea is an authentic miracle of recent times. As much as it may sound paradoxical, since it is an infusion that dates back to who knows when, more and more people adhere to that healthy habit of drinking it several times a day. It is clear, it is not going to give us paradise, but meanwhile it makes our lives something more bearable and pleasant, of course.

The issue is: does green tea serve for everything that is said to be useful? Most likely not. But, on the other hand, there are more and more services offered for body wellness that contain green tea as a leitmotif. One of the latest fashions are massages with tea. How? Yes, what you just read. It does not have to be such a weird thing, after all.

What is a massage with green tea for?

Whatever it may be, a lukewarm glance, as if indicating distrust, is usually one of the most frequent reactions. That is, precisely, the feature that can appear on the face of anyone who reads certain sites that offer massages with tea.