Loans for companies

Before going on to explain what types of loans we can find in the financial market, we would like to unravel the eternal confusion between the terms credit and loan . These two terms, despite being used interchangeably in colloquial language, are different financial products.

In a loan, the client (borrower) receives an amount of money

That he has previously requested. The amount of this loan must be repaid, together with the accrued interest, within the period of time previously agreed with the financial institution (lender). The 대출 payment is normally made through regular installments (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual…) throughout that term.

In the case of credit, the client does not have to request this money, the bank makes it available to them. The client only pays for the money he has. Normally, the interests are higher than those of the loan.   

Loans for companies are one of the most used ways by companies

 to obtain financing, either for production, investment in fixed assets, for expansion purposes or for the start-up of different projects. In Spain, until a few years ago it was mainly commercial banks that granted this type of credit. Currently, we can find financing alternatives such as crowdlending or crowdfunding , new models that, after the financial crisis, represent the only way to obtain financing for many small and medium-sized companies. Within business loans we can find:

Short-term loans for companies are aimed,

 for example, at companies that need specific financing for production campaigns, at companies with incoming and outgoing monetary flows that do not correspond and have liquidity problems, or at companies that are going to make investments that are amortized in a short period of time.

On the other hand, loans for medium and long-term companies are indicated for companies that have just been created and that need external capital. This money is used for investments in equipment and technical installations or in intangible assets.

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