Landlord “Fully Furnished Contents” Insurance!

If you are looking out to safeguard your content at home, you must be aware of landlord content insurance, if you are not, read this article to find out what it entails and how does it help a landlord and if there are any separate content insurance for tenants, or are they covered under the same insurance policy.

In times of catastrophe, your personal belongings and the contents of your home has to be protected against loss, damage or theft. If your house content is insured well, then you can claim for the damages caused. Provided you have an adequate inventory, listing out all the things that are missing or damaged in your house. Prepare this list, before hand so that you don’t miss out on anything in times of crisis. In order to retrieve back your items if it goes in flames, you need to either video tape these and have a copy of your inventory and your video tape in a place other than your home. So that, it doesn’t get damaged in the flames. A contents insurance policy of a landlord protects all items that are owned by the landlord, in case the house is rented out, tenants contents are not covered in this policy, they need to get a separate tenant content insurance for their own items’ safety. Landlord’s content is nothing but items that are inside the home he lives in while they are there, and it doesn’t matter whether you are living in that house or have rented it out to some one else. On the other hand a landlord’s building insurance covers the exterior part of the building.

If you are a renter, it is known as a renter’s policy which will cover damage or loss caused to a landlord’s property along with your (tenant) personal items in case of any theft or natural disaster. You will need to protect your investment from damage or theft and so Landlord Contents Insurance offers you the security you need in case anything is damaged or stolen.