Kick Start Your Very Own Video Blog in 9 Simple Steps

How many of you have considered video blogging? In short VBlogging has several advantages than a traditional text based blogging. VBlogging will help you change the way of connections with users and to build strong relationship with your viewers.

Vblogs can effectively able to get high attention of its internet users. Peoples are more attracted and excited about creative contents on a video rather than a written blog post. Since people prefer more to graphics, bloggers now started multiplying both video and text together on their blogs. Every blogger has now realized that how important to attract targeted traffic by posting a creative video on YouTube and other related video broadcasting sites.

Start your very own VBlog by following the simple steps below…

1. Start Watching Videos – Start watching videos posted on other VBlogs and start writing what find you interesting, creative and what should you need to be avoid by finding its mistakes.

2. A Microphone (Audio Part) – Of course, a microphone is mandatory to record all your audio like your voice which can be later edited by any free audio editor available on the web.

3. A Webcam (Video Part) – A webcam to record your all video and which allows you saving on your computer disk. I suggest you to get a high resolution webcam so that video recording comes in high quality.

4. A Video Editor – Get a video editor to edit your recorded videos with titles, credits and proper audio input. It will help you bring your video a professional look.

5. Upload them to Video Broadcasting Sites – Upload your videos to YouTube or any other video broadcasting sites.

6. Keep embedding code – After uploading your videos on the video broadcasting sites keep its embedded code for future use on your blog.

7. Blog post – Create a blog post, write some description and title regarding the video just to tell about what you are actually want share with viewers.

8. Insert the embedded code – Now after creating the blog post, its time to put that embedded code which was copied from the video broadcasting site.—-2022.aspx#post169801—-2022.aspx#post169803