Keep Insurance in Mind When You Purchase Your Car

Purchasing an automobile may seem like the most expensive part of car ownership in the beginning. However, it is a set expense that often costs between $12,000 and $25,000 depending on the vehicle you purchase. Looking at other expenses that are necessary with vehicles, you will have to figure in fuel for the vehicle, maintenance, and insurance. All three things should be considered in addition to the price of the car you desire.

The make and model of your car will influence your insurance premiums just as much as your age, location, and driving history. People rarely think about the insurance and registration until they have made the purchase. By that time, you may have to prepare yourself for a sticker shock that will last a lot longer than the car payments. When you shop for car insurance, you will have many variables that can help reduce the amount you pay each month, and only a few of them can be altered after the purchase is made.

Points to Consider

Sports cars will raise insurance rates because a person is more likely to speed and violate other traffic regulations. They are also expensive to repair, so collision insurance will need to be higher. Even if you do not have more accidents, you are still affected by the statistics that come with the ownership of a style of vehicle.

The size of the automobile is very important when considering car coverage. The larger vehicles are considered safer than small vehicles in car accidents. This means that sedans, minivans, SUVs, and station wagons are cheaper to insure than coupes and small, sporty vehicles.

The price of repairs is going to affect the premiums directly for a driver. Vehicles that are high-end are likely to be targeted by thieves. Damages to the vehicle will need to be taken into consideration when creating insurance quotes. If your vehicle is likely to cause serious damage to another vehicle, then your liability premiums will go up. This will raise your overall insurance premiums.

The top cars to insure are luxury vehicles and sports cars. This includes Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Lexus, and Jaguar. The cheapest cars to insure include sedans by Ford and General Motors, Pontiac minivans, station wagons, and luxury sedans.

Even if it costs more to insure an automobile, it does not mean that the automobile is not as safe as another car. When you are purchasing a vehicle, ask yourself the following questions.