Journalists Cover the Gamut, From Rising Insulin Costs to Delays in Autism Care for Children

KHN Midwest correspondent Bram Sable-Smith shared a firsthand perspective on ballooning insulin costs on “Tradeoffs” on April 21.

KHN’s Colleen DeGuzman profiled the last abortion clinic in the Rio Grande Valley on KUT and “Texas Standard” on April 21.

KHN South Carolina correspondent Lauren Sausser detailed how families travel across state borders to access psychiatric care on Newsy’s “Morning Rush” on April 19.

Bernard J. Wolfson, a senior correspondent and columnist for California Healthline, discussed growing opposition to Kaiser Permanente’s no-bid Medi-Cal contract with the state on KCBS’ “KCBS News” on April 18.

KHN interim Southern Bureau editor Andy Miller reviewed delays in autism diagnoses and treatment for children on Newsy’s “Evening Debrief” on April 8.