Insurance for Your Junior Games Organization

We all agree that getting our kids physically active is as important to their health as eating nutritiously. Unfortunately, the wholesomeness of great games that little leagues are famously involved in does not extend to liability risks in relation to damages and losses.

As in all such pursuits, be it business or non-profit, anything can happen – and it does, all of the time!

Take the following true little league insurance claims as examples for the need for protective insurance policies.

Property Insurance Coverage

Some bored individuals broke into the storage bin used by the local junior sports organization. They made off with team uniforms, a ball pitching device and other items used for playing. All in all, the incurred losses totaled ten thousand dollars. Good thing there was coverage!

General Liability Insurance Coverage

A team member’s aunt came to watch the baseball game in the stadium. Midway through the game, the ball flew into the audience and bounced onto her head. Injuries were extensive and medical bills high. The former little league fan sued the junior sports organization for pain and suffering. Good thing there was coverage!

Hired and Non-Hired Auto Insurance Coverage

The trainer for the junior sports organization was instructed to purchase caps for each team member before they would start the soccer tournament. On the way to the sports equipment shop, the trainer became the responsible party in an auto collision. While the trainer escaped with barely a scratch, the other driver suffered massive injuries. The injured party brought a claim against the trainer’s personal car insurance, however because damages exceeded personal limits, the man brought a secondary claim against the sports organization. Good thing there was coverage!

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

The father and mother of a female member on the ball team could not travel with her to an out-of-town match. Since they assumed the team’s coach was a trustworthy person, they agreed to allow their daughter to travel with him for the event. Once alone with the girl, the coach sexually abused her. The livid parents filed a bodily injury and mental duress lawsuit against the junior games organization. Good thing there was coverage!