Industrial Accident Compensation in UK

The Industrial Accident Compensation insurance is offered to almost all the companies in UK. The employer of the company is liable to pay the Insurance Premiums, which is calculated from the employer’s earning. This value is varied from 0.3 percent to 10.3 percent.

Industrial Accident Compensation is given to every employer, who has been suffered from a minor or a major incident during his working hours. The Government has given rights for any worker who is been a victim for any accident. Financial compensation is granted that a worker is eligible to claim for any physical or psychological loss. This Compensation Claim is approved in the following cases:

1. Deficiency in training by the company.

2. Insecure Operational Procedures.

3. Faulty Equipments.

4. Hazardous work atmosphere.

Compensation claims are divided into 2 categories. In UK, they can can be availed either by the cause of Regular Work Injuries, or by a result of any disability. After this, the procedure can be routed.

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