IAD Airport Parking – Best Options For Residents Of Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area

When you are about to embark on a journey, whether for business or pleasure, airport parking is one of the areas that is top on your list. If you are living in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, you would be either using IAD or the DCA airport to fly out. Whether it is the DCA or the IAD airport parking, one is always torn between on-site and off-site parking options, especially if your trip is for a few days. Since airport parking is a major expense, not to mention the vehicle safety issues, you need to make an informed decision. For your benefit, I shall be examining both of these options for the locations mentioned above.

Options For IAD Airport Parking

IAD offers multiple parking options depending on your specific needs and your budget. These include:

Valet: This option is suitable if you are looking for a bit of superior service and are not concerned about the expenses. The charges start at $35 for the first day and subsequent days are at $25. There are no limits on parking duration but patrons leaving their cars for more than 45 days must register to avoid the vehicle being considered “abandoned” and removed at their expense.

Hourly/Terminal: This is the closest self-parking option being located directly across the terminal. However, this is also the most expensive of the options with charges starting at $5 per hour with a daily maximum of $35. You should consider this option only if you would be gone for a very short while.

Parking Garages 1 and 2: The parking garages have more than 8,000 parking spaces and offer covered parking with access to airport through airport shuttles as well as covered pedestrian walkways. The charges start at $4 each half hour with a daily maximum of $17.

Economy Parking Lot: This lot offers more than 12,000 spaces for IAD airport parking and is located a few minutes away from the airport terminal. Customers can reach the terminal through a shuttle service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rates for parking at the Economy parking lot are $5 per hour with a daily maximum rate of $10.

Off-Site Parking Options

A lot of people use the on-site parking facilities only because they have some concerns about the safety of their vehicle. However, these fears are unfounded mainly because a majority of the off-site IAD airport parking options consists of hotels located near the airport. Since these hotels have their guests parking their vehicles regularly in their lots, proper attention is given to the security of the parking lots.



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