How You Can Get Your Crystal Tiara Look With Prom Jewelry

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess? Lots of kids idolize princesses when they’re growing up. While you may not want to marry into the royal family, you can have your princess moment on prom night if you wear a tiara.

Can you really get a crystal tiara look with prom jewelry? There are all kinds of incredible tiaras you can wear to prom, and these tips will help you find the perfect piece to wear.

Decide On Your Prom Hairstyle

You should be able to picture how a tiara will look on you when prom night arrives. In order to do that, you’ll need to think about how your hair is going to be styled. You don’t need to know exactly what your hair is going to look like, but you should at least decide if you’re going to wear an up-do or keep your hair down.

When you’re figuring out what to wear to prom, you should think about the kind of style that will make you feel great. Think about what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Do you love how you look when your hair is framing your face? Do you feel like wearing your hair up highlights your cheekbones? Think about the kind of look that would make you feel special.

Find Plenty of Inspiration

Tiaras have been worn throughout history. Not only are they a popular accessory at prom, but people wear them to weddings, on the red carpets, and all kinds of events. If you look at pictures of other people wearing tiaras with gowns, you’ll be able to figure out what sort of tiara you’d like to wear.

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You may find that you’re drawn to tiaras that are simple and elegant, or you may discover that you love tiaras that look like the crown a princess would wear in a movie. Take a look at lots of different tiaras so that you can find the best type of tiara for you.

Measure Your Head

Not only will you want to find the right style of tiara to wear, but you’ll want to make sure that the tiara you choose fits you perfectly. That’s why it’s a good idea to measure your head and write down those measurements.

When you look at the product descriptions for tiaras, you should be able to see the dimensions for the tiara. That should give you a better sense of how well the tiara would fit you. You may even discover tiaras that are available in more than one size.

Figure Out What You’re Willing to Spend

You probably can’t afford to buy a diamond-encrusted tiara to wear to prom. Thankfully, you should still be able to find a lot of beautiful pieces that are budget-friendly. From inexpensive tiaras to options that are a little more costly, there are all kinds of pieces to choose from, which is why it’s a good idea to think about what you’re comfortable spending ahead of time.

Having a budget in mind will let you rule out a lot of options and focus on pieces you might actually buy. With so many different tiaras to choose from, it’s likely that narrowing down your choices will make it a lot easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Buy Your Prom Dress Before You Buy Your Tiara

If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a crystal tiara, you may want to start looking for one right away. However, if you haven’t found a dress to wear to prom, you may want to figure that out before you purchase a tiara.

Your tiara should complement the gown that you’re wearing. If you buy your tiara first, you’ll have to look for dresses that would work with that tiara, which could be a struggle. You’ll have an easier experience if you find a stunning dress to wear and search for a tiara to wear as an accessory afterward.

Consider Your Face Shape

If you take one tiara, and you put it on five different people, you’ll quickly notice that the tiara won’t look the same on all face shapes. For example, a taller tiara could elongate the face. That could be flattering on someone with a round face, but it might not look as nice on someone that already has a long face shape.

Don’t imagine a fantasy princess when you’re thinking about your prom tiara. Instead, focus on how the tiara will look on you! You should pick out a sparkling accessory that will highlight all of your best features.

Look at Some Low-Key Options

Wearing a flashy tiara that sparkles at every turn sounds like fun. With that said, a tiara like that won’t work with every dress. If you want your dress to be a statement piece, you’ll want to find a gorgeous tiara that won’t take away from that.

You can buy a beautiful tiara that will enhance your look without being overly distracting. You can pick out a simpler, smaller tiara that doesn’t have too much sparkle, or you can even look for a headband that’s made to look like a tiara. There are low-key ways to get the look of a tiara on prom.