How Top Real Estate Agents Are Using Events To Capture More Leads And Close More Sales

As a Realtor, you’re not just selling walls and a roof. Sure, the countertops and paint may sway your clients. But, what you’re really selling is a home. This is where they’re going to have people over. This is where they’re going to raiser their kids. This home will be their lifestyle.

But, there are many Realtors out there. When it comes time to sell or buy a new home, who will they turn to?

The Realtor they’re most loyal to.

A special client appreciation event creates a lasting memory in your clients’ mind. A client appreciation event is more than a fun gathering.

It’s an event that reflects the quality of your service, highlights your value as a Realtor and doesn’t fade away like a meaningless fun day.

I recently did this for a client.

While she continued working, I researched and visited appropriate venues, caterers and photography options. I designed the invitations for 80 invited guests and managed the RSVPs. Using me saved her countless hours for her business.

I arrived at the site an hour early to coordinate all of the vendors. During the event, I did an opening speech that made my client shine and made her guests feel special. And I closed the event with handing out door prizes that complimented her industry.

By not managing the event herself, she was able to focus on interacting meaningfully with her guests.

Let’s face it. You can’t meet with each client face-to-face and still run your business. And everyone does mailings. So, how, as a professional, do you manage

• Increasing competition
• How to stand out from the competition
• Keeping in touch with your clients
• Building client loyalty
• Keeping your clients engaged with you

Some of the benefits of having an event for clients who have bought homes from you include

• Really showing sincere appreciation for their business
• Increasing goodwill and loyalty between you and your clients
• Putting you front-of-mind with memories of this event
• Giving your clients an opportunity to talk to your other clients and see what you’ve done for them
• Getting your clients to see how much you’ve helped others find a home and how you can help the people they know too

Rather than trying to do everything yourself, an Event Planner can

• Save you the time and effort of finding the right space, the right caterer, the right entertainment… So you can stay focused on selling homes!
• Manage all the moving pieces and the flow of events on the day of… So you can relax and mingle with your guests!

The internet has made it easier to start a business. But, it also means there’s more competition. The key to competing is to stand out. To go above and beyond what your competitors are doing.

The reason Facebook has such large market share is because it leverages relationships.

What are you doing to leverage your relationships with your clients?