How Top Agents Successfully Host Open Houses: 5 Steps

Nearly everyone has, at one point, or another, attended an Open House, or, at least, seen a sign, for one. If you are a homeowner, who decides to sell his home, and uses the services of a licensed, professional, real estate agent, an essential component of the overall marketing plan, almost certainly includes having and hosting an Open House. However, for this to be as valuable, as it hopefully, should be, it’s important for one’s agent, to make it, as effective and viable, as it possibly might be. With that in mind, this article will briefly review and examine, 5 very important, essential steps, in attempting to achieve the best, possible results!

1. Check appearance: Before any viewing, and/ or Open House, a real estate professional should examine anything which might negatively impact, showing the house off, to its best possibilities. Observe any odors, including, from, pets, cooking, etc, which might deter from the attractiveness! Remove clutter, messes, and any other distractions! Touch up areas, such as paint – chips, stains, etc, which might put negatives, into a potential buyer’s thought – processes!

2. Consider curb appeal: Objectively drive up to, and observe anything, which might take away, from the potential, curb appeal! Does the appearance of the gardens, and surrounding areas, make a potential buyer, want to see more? Remember, you get, but one chance, to make a first impression, and unless, you optimize this, you won’t get your best offers, etc! How does the lawn, flowers, walkways, driveway, etc, make the home, more or less attractive?

3. Greet professionally, and in a friendly way: When a potential buyer, first enters the home, make certain, you have them sign in! Personally, I believe, the best way, is to use an Open House, computer application, in a tablet, such as an IPad. Remember, you are hired, to protect your client’s investment and home, and should ask for an I.D., when they sign in. Following this procedure, you become more capable of following up, and, hopefully, either maximizing your chance at finding the right buyer, for this house, or, if it’s not right for them, obtaining a quality client, and/ or customer.

4. Be helpful and friendly: The impression you make, as a host, makes a significant difference, in your potential results, as an agent! Quality agents are helpful, without being pushy, as well as friendly, and welcoming. Listen, address and answer any questions and/ or concerns!

5. Follow up: If you hope to get the best possible results, it’s important to effectively, efficiently, follow – up, with every attendee to an Open House! If there is interest in buying the home, seek a qualified offer. If the house is not the right one for them, offer to show them others, and find/ discover the best one for them!

If you want to become a more successful agent, you will do, all you possibly can do, to take full advantage of the Open Houses, you host! Will you follow these 5 steps, and enhance your potential and possibilities?