How To Use Inflatable Dancers For Various Occasions

Inflatable dancers are also known as air dancers or sky dancers. I believe that each of you has seen this funny item somewhere. They are very common at sports events, in the celebrations as well as at promotional meetings. If you have never seen air dancer, it is an inflatable moving advertising structure that consists of long tubes (the body, the legs and the hands of a dancer). It is attached to an electrical fan that constantly blows air in the dancer through its tubes, which causes the dancer’s movements. The entire structure moves in different directions with flailing motions and very dynamic dancing. It looks like a real dancing, and thus such a name for this inflatable advertising product. In addition to air dancers, other air-supported advertising products include inflatable balloons, promotional arches, stage decoration lights, inflatable tubes, and so on.

As you’ve read above, you need to have an electric fan in order to set a dancer in the motion. You will see an opening at the bottom side of your fly dancer, which you should connect to the electric device. Turn on the fan and watch the show! You dancer will “stand up” and start to dance. It does not require any assembly and previous experience to set up and run such a product. Everyone can use it! It is very easy to use and also quite easy to carry around and transport, as this is a lightweight product that has just a few pounds.

As far as the design, inflatable sky dancers are available in different sizes and differently shaped. They range for small dancers to very tall sky dancers that are higher than 20 ft (over 5 m). Some inflatable dancers have both legs and hands, while the others have only hands. Also, they are available in different colors, and could be multicolored or just in one color. They usually have the “hair” on the head and painted eyes and mouth. However, you can order a custom-made dancer and require advertising printing along with various constructive details according to your taste.

Air dancers have been around for years (they have appeared on the market at the end of the last century), and they have a wide application for various occasions, However, these products are mainly used for promotional purposes – as the advertising tools. It is very easy to notice them from afar due to their 3-dimensional nature and great height. By they way, these items draw the attention with their sprightly dance full of energy. You can use fly dancers for the following occasions:

  • For business meetings;
  • At sports events;
  • In various celebrations and festivals;
  • For music concerts;
  • During the holidays;
  • For other outdoor and indoor events.

In fact, you need to use air dancers at the places with a large number of people. Of course, your dancer must have printed advertisement with your contact info. Without these things, it doesn’t worth. In addition to promotional purposes, you can use such a product for entertainment purposes to have a fun with your kids.