How to Select a Double Door Fridge for homes under Rs. 15,000?

A kitchen is incomplete without a refrigerator, especially in India, where prepared food and vegetables do not last more than a few hours when left outside. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of affordable fridges to choose from these days.

Your selection of a latest double door fridge under Rs. 15,000 is determined by various aspects, including the storage capacity, the cooling technology, the number of members in your family, and the budget.

Here is a refrigerator buying guide that will assist you in selecting the best double door refrigerator for your home depending on your priorities:

  1. Measure the available space 

A refrigerator should fit in the space available in your kitchen. You can use a measuring tape to know the dimensions of your new fridge and see if it is the ideal choice for your kitchen. Ensure that you have the following information:

  • Measure the width, height, and depth of the area where your new refrigerator will be installed.
  • There should be enough room to open the refrigerator doors and drawers easily.
  • The distance between the refrigerator and nearby kitchen islands should allow for free movement.
  • Consider if you want to buy a counter-depth or standard-depth refrigerator.
  • Standard-depth refrigerators protrude from under the counter, whereas counter-depth refrigerators are nearly flat.

2. Checking for fridge capacity and storage options 

Keep the following points in mind when deciding which refrigerator capacity to go for:

  • Does the selected double door fridge under Rs. 15,000 have storage zones for quick access. These specialised storage options are useful if you want separate compartments for meat, veggies, dry fruits, etc.
  • Do you need to store tall bottles or huge platters? In this case, larger French door or side-by-side door models would be a good choice.
  • How many members will be using the fridge? For families larger than 3 members, a double door fridge with a capacity of over 300 litres is recommended.

3. Look for innovative features 

Consider the features you’ll use the most when purchasing a refrigerator. Here are a few aspects to consider while buying a double door fridge under Rs. 20,000:

  • Does the fridge have fruit and vegetable separators that assist in organising food materials in different boxes?
  • Does the fridge come with Infinity Slide Shelves, Tiered Freezer Organization, and Adjustable Gallon Door Bins for loading flexibility?
  • Does the appliance have Dual Cooling functionality to ensure that fresh and frozen food is preserved in the proper condition?
  • Is the fridge quiet, or does it make a loud humming sound while operating?

4. Extra brand warranty

While most new refrigerators come with a limited warranty, you should also ask about an extended warranty option from the merchant or the manufacturer.

  • Even if an extended warranty isn’t free, it’s something you should consider purchasing.
  • Refrigerators from brands like Samsung and LG come with extended warranties.
  • The extended warranty will give you peace of mind, albeit at an extra cost.
  • A double door refrigerator is an expensive appliance and its repairs may cost a lot too, thus having an extended warranty is a wise choice.

5. Frost-free and deodoriser

Most double door fridges are Frost-free and come with a deodoriser for the cleanest and freshest performance.

  • The frost-free feature prevents a build-up of ice outside the freezer thanks to fans that blow cool air uniformly to all parts of the fridge.
  • Deodoriser keeps the fridge interiors smelling fresh and natural.
  • Food materials such as onions, garlic, and seafood have strong odours that can ruin the way your fridge smells.
  • Refrigerator deodorisers typically absorb odours like these and maintain a fresh aroma inside at all times.
  • Deodorisers can also extend the shelf life of food stored in a double door refrigerator.

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A double door Fridge under Rs. 15,000 can easily be yours once you are done reading this comprehensive guide to buying a refrigerator in India. We have analyzed in depth what goes into purchasing an excellent double-door refrigerator with the latest features for all your needs. With powerful compressors and flexible storage options, a double-door fridge will give you and your family years of service. Just make sure you select the right one after putting in the proper research.

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