How to Protect Your Gym More From Common Liability Risks

In this day and age, owning a gym is something that invites a popular pursuit. With media exposure in regard to the benefits of consistent exercise as well as validation from the professional medical field, gym membership sees an ongoing increase. As a gym owner, your business niche should give you many dividends of profit!

But while there is much to be thankful for, the gym industry has much liability exposure – perils that are not as commonplace to other corporate establishments! It is needless to say that your general, property and professional risks need powerful insurance protection. Without a tailored policy, the business that you have so lovingly worked hard and long to build up could be faced with overwhelming damages and losses and financial ruin.

To emphasize the point, here’s a quote from NJ Gym Owner, Bill Stevens:

“If you look at all the possibilities of what could go wrong, every single gym would end up in disaster.”

Further underscoring the truism are the following genuine claim scenarios:

– A gym member lifted heavy weights. Unfortunately, while engaged in the strenuous muscle workout, the center’s half a ton loading machine fell on top of his back. The gym member suffered crushed lungs, a back fracture that required $150,000 worth of medical attention. Aside from this, the gym member could not go to work, incurring loss of income.

– A member at a gym slipped and fell on a freshly mopped floor at the facility. The woman suffered an ankle fracture. After incurring doctor’s bills amounting to $12,000, as well as skipped wages, she filed a lawsuit against the gym for the total loss.

– A gym goer utilized the squat machine. During the workout, the machine became displaced and caused injury to her foot. The woman required medical attention, amounting to $3,000 in associated bills.

– A professional trainer that was employed at a gym advised a member to do more strenuous exercise. During the course of her increased workout, the woman hurt her back. The gym member did not hesitate to bring a claim against the gym for $35,000 in doctors’ bills and loss of wages.

– An owner of a gym center asked one of his workers to drive his personal truck to do a bank task. The worker crashed into an oncoming car while driving. The car incurred $4,000 worth of damage. In addition, the driver of the car suffered $40,000 in bodily injury. What made the incident even more devastating was the fact that the worker’s truck did not have enough insurance to pay full compensation of damages.