How To Prevent Frozen Pipes By Hiring Professional Plumbing Services Springfield VA

During cold winter months, roof gutter pipes often get frozen. Fortunately, experts offering professional plumbing services Springfield VA, are no stranger to these problems and know how to resolve these emergency issues. Frozen pipes often cause a lot of inconvenience to homeowners and their family members. Moreover, landlords get frustrated because people will complain about these issues, and they will have to answer for these problems. The preventive step you can take is hiring professional plumbers to resolve the issues before they cause major inconvenience. 

Therefore, we shall discuss how professional plumbers prevent frozen pipes.

Prompt Professional Plumbing Services Springfield VA For Frozen Pipe 

If you think you have frozen pipes, you should immediately call emergency plumbing services Arlington VA. Plumbing workers mainly start the process by turning the faucet. If they notice that a drip of water comes out, this means that there is a frozen problem. Afterward, they carefully inspect the pipe for any potential cracks or damages. Moreover, they gently apply heat to the frozen area of the pipe using a heating pad or hairdryer. Professionals also use damp towels in this case. As for your part of the job, you should always rely on professional and licensed plumbing services.

The Dripping Faucets

A small drip of water can prevent the ice from freezing the pipe. It does not matter whether it is awfully cold outside. A good approach is that professionals to turn on multiple faucets and keep the water flowing. This results in the relieving of pressure inside the pipe. This is a necessary step to take to prevent the rupture of the pipe in the future. 

Holes In The Walls

No matter what the case, you should not let the cold air enter your house. In case you notice any major to minor holes and cracks in the wall, you should call experts offering professional plumbing services Springfield VA. They will caulk them up and fix other wall damages, especially if they are near the pipe area. Do make sure that professionals apply this technique to both interior and exterior house walls. This will keep the cold air out, and you will get to enjoy the warm air inside the cozy home. 

Making Sure That The Heat Is On

If you are planning to go on a long vacation, make sure to keep the house heat on. This will prevent the pipes from freezing. However, in case of the pipes burst, it will cause potential damage to your property and your possessions. However, professionals do recommend that you don’t keep the heat level too high. Your thermostat should be kept at about 50 degrees. This is a normal level, and you should be fine in this regard. 

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