How to Get Your Social Media Ad Campaign off the Ground

You’re probably using social media organically to promote your business. You need to invest in outbound marketing and run social media advertising campaigns to get the most out buy facebook likes uk. This can be daunting. This guide will help you get your social media advertising campaign started.

Why run a social media ad campaign?

You want to reach people. Everybody uses social media. It’s that easy. Hubspot reports that 42 percent of the world’s population uses social media. This includes 90.4 percent of Millennials and 77.5 percent of Generation X. And 48.2 percent of Baby Boomers, who use social media for an average of two hours per day.

Social media advertising campaigns can be scaled, inexpensive, and have a high ROI. Many social media advertising platforms offer great analytics that can help you optimize your strategy and track campaign performance.

Your Social Media Ad Campaign Goals

Your social media campaign must have clearly defined goals, just like any other advertising campaign. What are your goals for this campaign? This will depend on your industry, brand, and current circumstances. Some common goals include:

Brand Awareness

We are a brand new company, and we want people to know that our products/services and we are available.

We are a well-established company that wants to be top-of-mind for our customers.


Please share/comment and like our content


We want to drive visitors to our site or a page in particular

Lead generation

We are looking for leads to help us launch our new product line

We need leads to sign up for our email list


We want people to buy this product or that service.

You can reach all of these goals with social media ads campaigns. Your goal will dictate who you target, what ad copy and creative you use, and how you target your audience. The goal you set will determine the ROI of your campaign and its effectiveness.

Identify Your Target Audience

Social media advertising offers many benefits, including the ability to target your audience. It is essential to determine who you are targeting to maximize these opportunities.

Social media users can enter their names, addresses, gender, and other demographic information. They also indicate their interests through their behavior:

  • Liking videos.
  • Engaging with brands and people.
  • Clicking on whatever catches their eye.

Social media platforms use this information to show the most relevant ads, those most likely to convert, like, click or convert.

Who do you want to reach?

It would help if you decided who your ads should reach. This partly depends on the previous step, which was determining your goals. Although you might have many different target audiences, the reality is that each group may have its own goals.

Check Your Buyer Personas

To understand who your ads will reach, you should create buyer personas if you don’t have them. You can identify the right target audience by gathering basic demographic information, including their goals and challenges, and then targeting them with your ads.

Let’s suppose you are a book publisher that publishes historical fiction. To increase your email list and send marketing content to historical fiction readers who are most likely to purchase your books, you want to grow it. You want to generate leads, so your audience will be historical fiction readers. But you can be more specific with social media. People who enjoy historical fiction titles and authors will also like your books. You can target them based on their interests.

Choose Social Media Ad Campaign Platforms

You’d be surprised at the results. It all depends on your industry, target audience, and goals (ugh, that’s what we always say).

The historical fiction publisher has a target audience of women aged 18 to 70. They are skewed toward the 45-65 age range and want to generate leads. They will be using Facebook as their primary advertising platform. However, they may also use Pinterest.

LinkedIn will be the best platform for industrial manufacturers selling to B2B clients. This is because LinkedIn has sourcing specialists/buyers from other large manufacturers. LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals to share content about their work. It also offers targeting options to target audiences based on their job title and company.

Maximize your Budget

Maximizing your budget requires many factors, such as choosing the right audience, targeting them accurately, using the right platforms, and clearly defining goals that will guide every aspect of your campaign, from creative to placement to targeting. Setting the correct parameters and budgets is another crucial factor.

Pay attention to your social media ads campaigns.

Social media advertising has the advantage of allowing you to monitor your campaigns and adjust as needed. It sounds great to be able to “set it and forget it,” and maybe you are a social media advertising professional with a lot of experience. Monitoring your campaigns is essential for everyone. Why? It is possible that you are spending too much and not seeing any results click here.

Adjust social media ads campaigns based on data

You might decide to terminate a campaign sooner if it spends more than its lifetime budget on a given day. This would allow the daily budgets to be higher and ads to reach more people each day. Sometimes, you might find that a campaign is working and want to prolong it beyond its original end date. This is an excellent way to maximize your budget because you know it works well and has the required ROI.

Social media is an excellent tool for advertising and marketing because your audience is already online, engaging with your content. Advertising can increase your reach and ROI tremendously by taking advantage of this audience. The first step is to get a campaign started. You’ll be able to see the positive effects of these campaigns on your bottom line with a bit of practice and experimentation.

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