How To File Taxes Online Even If You Haven’t Done It Before

You’ve spent considerable time gathering your tax information for the current tax year and are wondering how to file taxes online. When your nephew filed your previous year taxes, he gave you the paper copies to mail to the IRS.

After waiting around two months to get your refunds, you realized that there has to be a better way, and you were right. There are a number of options available that will show you how to file taxes online and receive refunds in as little as eight days, not months.

The first decision that you have to make is between filing a paper return or filing electronically. This is a no brainer. Paper is BAD. Filing electronically is the best way to go, hands down.

Learn How To File Taxes Online For Yourself – It’s Really Easy

Your next decision you need to make is whether to use a professional tax preparer or go online and do the return yourself. You take a look at last year’s return and see that you filed married joint, and the only W-2 was from your job where you worked as a mechanic. But wait, this year you have a second W-2 for a part time job just over the state line and it has withheld tax for that state. Will I know how to file taxes online? You ask yourself, what do I do now?

The only other income that you had was interest from your bank and the refund from your state. Besides your wife, you see that your two children are listed as dependents. One just graduated from high school and is 18 years old. The other is in the first year of high school and is 15 years old.

The only other area to review is a Schedule A that doesn’t look too hard. You only see real estate tax, mortgage interest, and church contributions. You have all of those forms already in hand for the current year, so what can be hard about this?

You think that to be really safe, maybe you should take the return to a professional tax preparer. You are curious as to what the cost may be because your nephew never charged you anything. You place a call to the CPA who does your friend’s return and you let him know all of the forms that you have. He quickly gives you a quote of $350.00 for Federal plus 2 state returns. You better find out how to file taxes online. Wow, you are shocked!

You give it a little more thought, and think that maybe you can do the return yourself online. Your neighbor tells you about the online site that he uses every year and gives you the URL to his online site. Now you can’t wait to get home to try it. This site must tell you how to file taxes online.

Dinner is over and you sit down at your computer and type in the URL that you got from your neighbor. You scan down the landing page and really feel confident that you can handle this.

You click the banner and you’re presented with a screen to login. Not hard yet. You answer the interview questions which appear to be simple and common sense. The program asks you to input all of your personal information and then the information from your W-2’s and other tax forms that you received. So far, so good.

Before you know it, your tax return is completed and is on the screen for you to review. WOW! The software program even knew that you qualified to get a $1,000.00 tax credit for your youngest son and it entered all of your information for you on all of the tax forms and schedules automatically. What’s more, it prepared both state returns for you. Now that’s how to file taxes online.

Can it really be this easy? The obvious answer is yes, it really is. You don’t hesitate at all, you go to pay for the return and see that the very low fee not only covered the federal and resident state return, but the extra state also. No charge for extra state returns! You press the button to efile the returns and print out copies for your file.

Eight days later, you stop by your bank branch office and find that your refunds just arrived and have been credited to your savings account as you requested. By this time, you are ecstatic. Everything was properly filed early in the season and the money for your family’s vacation is already in the bank.

The above scenario is a real life experience of one of our clients, and he’s now one of our best clients for new business. Do what he did, gather your information and see how to file taxes online as easily as he did.


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