How to Attract Buyers Browsing the Web – A Guide for Real Estate Marketers

No one can tell exactly how many webpages exist, or how many of them get created daily. However, we do know that nearly 3.5 million new domains were registered between 1995 and 2013. Besides that, we know that the increase has been exponential – with more websites being created every day than before.

Every year, Forrester publishes a report on how consumers look for websites – search results still remain a clear preference for all generations.

How do you do it? By employing search engine optimization as an important component of your marketing strategy.
Here are the four essential elements of an effective real estate search engine campaign:

Keyword research: When your buyers search online, they use specific keywords in mind and type them in the query window of a search engine. To understand the search trends of buyers, you need an ongoing keyword research strategy. Google’s keyword tool can help you find the keywords that buyers actually use. Find them and make them part of your campaign content. This will increase your visibility on search engine pages and get you ranked ahead of your competitors. By using the keywords your buyers use, you let them tell you what their hot buttons are. Give your buyers what they want most by using their keywords, rather than focusing on what you think they want most.

On-site optimization: On-site refers to the pages viewable on your website. Search engines need adequate valuable content on your pages in order to determine if the pages are relevant to the search queries. Your content should reflect that you understand and address all the factors influencing a buyers’ choice. Your content should reveal that you possess all the qualities that real estate buyers value – Honesty and integrity, Knowledge of the purchase process, Responsiveness, and Knowledge of the real estate market.

Search engine optimization of code components such as title tags, image tags, meta descriptions should be part of your SEO Agency campaign strategy.

Off-site optimization: Another factor considered in ranking algorithms is ‘importance’. By building external links that connect to your website, your website gets voted as ‘important’ by search engines. So, develop and host valuable content to buyers in various places off your website. Examples include white hat techniques such as distributing press releases, writing blogs, developing great relationships with other organizations, having a presence in directories, and even having your customers’ link to you. By doing so, you build inbound channels to your website. Thereby it pulls up at the top of search engines while buyers are looking for a service or property.

Social Media: As specified earlier, the creation and distribution of content is vital for higher rankings. Integration of your social media with your plan facilitates both, content creation and distribution.

Though SEO is labor intensive, real estate companies are investing in it because of its importance. The payoff is high as it attracts the very people looking to buy. However, a push-marketing tactic can only bring about uncertainties about such interests.

If you are ready to invest in this high yielding SEO strategy, hire a team of experts. That’s the norm – not just for those who find themselves too busy with higher priorities, but those who feel the need of expertise in SEO.

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