How Real Estate Agents Should Address Client’s Questions/Concerns?

If you become a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, you have dedicated many hours, and expense, to committing to your profession. Wouldn’t it make sense, therefore, to do all you can, to enhance your skills, knowledge, judgments, and techniques, in order to become the most successful, agent, you might possibly become? This article, therefore, will briefly discuss, a time – tested, proven, effective, easily used (and adapted) approach to answering questions and concerns, concisely, effectively and consistently. This is a 5 – step technique, which will let real estate agents, address potential and actual client’s concerns, and answer their questions, to their satisfaction, as well as achieving your desired result, of getting more real estate listings and clients.

1. Repeat and restate: Most people began responding, often in a defensive manner, to perceived objections/ problems. In order to effectively communicate, and articulate a compelling message/ response, it’s important to begin by effectively listening, in order to learn, what the concern might be. Before responding, it makes sense to repeat, what you believe they are asking, and to state, something like, So you’re concern about the commission (or marketing plan, or why you are the agent for them, etc)? Then, wait, for acknowledgment, before proceeding.

2. Empathize: Listen effectively, and truly care about what the individual says, or is interested in! When this is done, you must then articulate, the fact, you clearly understand, and say, something like, I felt that way, and so did nearly everyone I have come into contact with.

3. Answer questions/ address concerns: Don’t avoid, even, issues or questions/ concerns, you find challenging, and/ or disconcerting! Clearly, slowly, deliberately, evaluate what you’re being asked, and answer thoroughly, to the satisfaction, of the other individual. Do not proceed from this step, until, you are convinced, either by verbal, and/ or body – language (for example, nodding, etc), you have thoroughly responded, to their satisfaction.

4. Recreate the need: You must transform these first three steps, to results. Now, that, you’ve thoroughly addressed the need/ question/ concern, you must gain control of the conversation again, by recreating their need. A successful introduction to this might be, In light of your question, and now, that you are more familiar with the matter, doesn’t it make sense?

5. Closing/ agreement: If you don’t close the deal, you won’t make your living, as a real estate agent! Follow the previous four steps, but then, be certain, you ask, for the deal/ agreement, etc.

Are you ready, willing, and able, to make a better living, as a real estate agent? If you are, use these 5 – steps, and improve your techniques, and, thus, your possibilities!