How Do You Decide Between a Discount Dental Plan Or a Dental Insurance Policy?

Are you going to the dentist on a regular basis? Most people put off going to the dentist because of the high out of pocket cost associated with a dental visit. There are several options that may help you lower your expense when you go to the dentist.

You may want to take a look at a dental insurance policy or a discount dental plan to cut down on your out of pocket dental expenses. This article can help point you in the right direction to choose the best plan for you or your family.

A dental insurance policy is issued by an insurance company that sells this type of policy. The main feature is it has a deductible like your car insurance policy. You must meet this out of pocket expense before the insurance company will pay your claim.

While dental insurance policies are sometimes issued to individuals and families they are normally provided through employers on a group basis. If you don’t have this coverage through your employer you should go to the internet and see what is available to you on an individual or a family insurance plan.

A downside to a dental policy offered by an insurance company is that it can be expensive when purchasing it outside of an employer. Another thing to consider is this type of policy will have an annual maximum dollar limit. If you have several expensive dental visits during the year your out of pocket cost could go up substantially especially when you consider you have to pay a deductible also.

A discount dental plan is an alternative that is very different than a dental insurance policy although this plan is offered by some insurance companies. This plan negotiates discounts on the services offered by the group of dentists that participate in the plan. These discounts are then passed on to the plan members.

Instead of a deductible a dental discount plan offers a generous discount that the dentist has agreed to accept before your visit. Typically the more expensive the procedure the larger your discount will be. The advantage of this method is that you will know the cost of your visit beforehand.


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