How Do I Power Level in World of Warcraft and Should I Even Bother?

For those who are brand-new to WoW then odds are you prefer to level very easily. This would provide an individual much better items and many other options for a toon. The great news is that power leveling is often an excellent technique of doing this. There are lots of things you should be aware of about WoW power leveling if you want to obtain the best returns.

How World of Warcraft Power Leveling Works

Your very first instinct is almost always to grind out hours on the game, however this is truthfully not the most efficient route to level an individual’s toon. The greatest thing you should do is go ahead and take quests that will provide you the majority of xp for the smallest amount of one’s time expended. This can be problematic to discover without help, but you can find add ons you could download so that you can figure this out.

Use Your Profession

Taking advantage of your profession to help you to gain xp is one additional factor to think about is. Use this to your advantage by using the simplest task to obtain additional xp. A good example of this is with tailoring. You need to use the lowest cost tailoring recipes and use them again and again to get additional xp.

Keep Away From Player vs player combat

PvP (player vs. player) is not likely to give you xp, which is the reason you need to avoid it. Because you are going to be encountering npcs as part of your quests, you need to choose PvE (player vs. Environment) meaning you fight creatures and monsters along the way. This will provide you with experience in the most productive way possible.

Should You Pay Another person to Power Level?

Unbelievably, you’ll find those who work as power levelers. For a small charge they are willing to carry out the leveling for you and get you to 90 fast. While this might look like a tempting offer, there are several things to keep in mind when taking advantage of a service such as this.

For one, you won’t get the experience of experiencing the game by yourself. When you are attempting to play like a level 90 you will not possess the same knowledge of the toon or even the environment as you would’ve had if you did the leveling on your own.

Another factor to give thought to with this is it is actually against the terms of use by the manufacturer, Blizzard. Even if you decided not to look at the terms and conditions is not going to take away any kind of consequences. You could find that your account is suspended or maybe even terminated because of this since it breaks the spirit of the game.

Additionally it is highly unsafe to share your information with someone you may not know. Providing them with access to your account means that they can steal your gold and even more. Blizzard is fantastic about supporting individuals who have had their accounts broken into, however if you phone them over a matter relevant to a power leveling service, then chances are you will end up in trouble.

A Few Recommendations to be aware of

It’s not necessary to care about spending gold on your equipment. You are going to out-level it very quickly and it will simply be a complete waste of gold. In fact many of us opt to stay just with the equipment they loot or can pick up somewhat cheap from the auction house if need be.

Repeatedly going through a dungeon is not really efficient either. You simply won’t get the xp for it again. This really is only useful if you’re searching for specific items or gear. If there are quests which go along with the dungeon they are usually completed by just completing the dungeon.

There are actually elixirs that you can find that will increase the experience you receive for a certain period of time, normally 60 minutes. Should you have quests that you’re waiting to turn in, wait until after you consume the elixir to turn them in so you will get extra xp after which you can head out to do additional leveling.

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