How Can I Become a Full Stack Certified Website Developer?

This question comes in because of the confusion in the heart as to where do I start from?
First, You want to know that this walk is hard and it will need self-discipline. So without wasting your time here is your map.
Learn HTML and CSS
Well, take a step into HTML and CSS. This is the initial thing you must learn. In fact, anyone who doesn’t tell you to start from here is a Pharisee and not a web developer. You must learn them first because there is no other method by which you can develop into a website developer without knowing these. So you boast to master them, but don’t be upset they are simple also. HTML does the Markup and CSS does the Makeup; the style. So what will be your battle axe when you start here? You will need all of the following. Well, for me I will use all of them, but people are different you know.
• A text editor
• Any photo editing software.
• File Transfer Protocol FTP
• Browser
• A cloud Storage
There are many text editors for web design such as Vim, Notepad++, Brackets, Atom etc.
Learn the basics of JavaScript
So after HTML and CSS go for basic JavaScript and on this vacation don’t get lured by neighboring areas like Node.js and some other frameworks.
JavaScript is a programming (also referred as a scripting) language. JavaScript is purposefully limited, I.e it only works inside another application (the web browser). It is a client-side language designed to manipulate web pages. However, the language is evolving more and more which I would not want to go into.
Just stick to the basics of JavaScript for now.
This is while you will like to learn things like data types and that will be, post, objects numbers, arrays and other related data types like functions, conditionals, loops, and operators. These are the really important things you need to learn in any programming language. Truth is knowing this will help you when you want to learn another programming
Learn Basic Web Deployment.
You have to get a provided hosting account.
Don’t complain about money of getting one because I will show you how to build money even as a student. Check out 50 freelance websites where you can locate Jobs and make money. You can also learn how to get a job through networking, YouTube and blogging in this post. This shared hosting will have to be either Hostgator or who host, Namecheap or something you like. Don’t forget everyone is different. As you find this, begin learning CPanel basics, SSL, email, FTP configuration and the rest. You will then learn how to upload your project using FTP links Filezilla. And then you will need to get a domain name so that you can hyperlink this to your hosting account and while you are good to go. Now if you have overcome all I have talked about so far, then you can call yourself a web designer.
Learn web frameworks
You can begin learning any front-end HTML and CSS frameworks like bootstrap or basis or any other one out there. You are supposed to also start learning server-side languages such as PHP, Python or Ruby on rails. You know how to begin on the road of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular or any other. You also include to the alternative of learning databases like MySQL, POSTGRESQL or any equivalent. Now you have options of where you can go. But I will not leave you here. Out of all these, I have mentioned the one I would advise that you learn is Front End Framework. The reason is that something like bootstraps will save you a ton of time when you are generating UIs.And if you don’t have the really good eye for design I.e if you aren’t a graphic designer, then these should be your best option. Because that is what I’m suggesting I will also show you some Front End Bootstraps.
• Twitter Bootstraps most popular
• Zurb Foundation similar to Twitter
• Skelton
• MUI and
• Pure
Next, I will decide PHP as my server side language because it’s good though it’s not the greatest language This is my own choice, you can choose Python or any other server-side language. Node.js this is essentially not a language but a JavaScript runtime. It’s new, powerful and fun to use as well. If you know some JavaScript that’s fine for you. Now we also have Ruby on Rails, this is greatly remarkable. It’s a huge framework but has leveled off.
Learn Database Operation System and Version Control
In order to set up a data system so that it can simply be restored or manipulated, programmers use a database management system. The data stored in a database can be in the form of text, numbers, or encoded graphics. You must know that it’s not required for you to master the server side language before you move to databases because they basically go hand in hand. Here are some Database system you can learn: Relational Databases
• -MySQL recommended and popular
• -PostgreSQL powerful

NoSQL Databases works similar to JSON
• MongoDB
• CouchDB

At the level, you need to pick only one and focus on it. With your pick:
• PHP/MySQL or
• Js/MongoDB

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