Horse Box Insurance – What Does It Really Cover?

Horse box insurance may not be a requirement by law, but considering how valuable horse trailers are, you will be more comfortable knowing that yours is well covered. Because of their sizes, these containers are prone to accidents and it is practical to choose a policy to keep you covered just in case the unexpected happens.

Horse box insurance policies vary from one insurance provider to another and you should take your time to find out what the policy you are about to settle for covers. It is also important to note that additional features on the horse box especially those that are related to security and safety can fetch you better insurance rates. It is important that you let your insurance provider know of any changes you make to the horseback, so that your policy terms can be reviewed accordingly. You can also ask for any additional covers, you may find necessary so your policy can be customized to suit your individual need if there is that possibility.

When it comes to horse box insurance the worst thing you can do is sign up with an insurance cover only to find out later that it does not cover most things that are important to you. In general, it will cover:

· Accidental damage

· Theft, fire and third party damages

· Attempted theft

· Overseas use

· Personal accident, medical expenses and belongings

· Windows and windscreen damage

· New vehicle replacements

In case of a breakdown

Some horse box insurance policies are quite comprehensive in that they also offer you coverage in case of a breakdown. The truth is that breaking down of a horse lorry can stress you out, especially in situations where you have a horse that is distressed to deal with too. When working with an insurance company offering this type of cover, you will have less to worry about even when the unexpected happens. The cover can be purchased alongside horse box insurance or it can be bought separately depending on the option you find most suitable for you.

The advantage of having a horse box insurance to cover you for a breakdown is that you can get assistance round the clock when you need it most. You do not have to spend a cold night away from home just because your horse trailer has issues and you have to wait till daybreak to get help and be on the go. The breakdown cover offers lots of convenience and it usually covers: