Home Fruit Snacks That Are Quick, Easy and Reliable

There are plenty of healthy snack ideas. Stuffed peppers, spiced nuts and fruit platters are great examples to feed us and give us energy.

However, they can be expensive when you don’t have time to prepare. The price you pay at the grocery store for simply slicing the fruit, placing it in a plastic case and throwing in some fruit dip isn’t always practical. Let’s change this for good.

Quick healthy snacks are abundant if you make them when you have time. The healthy snack recipes in this article will hopefully inspire you when you’re thinking of what to feed yourself and your family over the following weeks or months.

Snacks for kids

Fruit gummies

These fruit snacks are essentially a healthy version of Jello. As you’d imagine, we also recommend the use of homemade gelatin, which can be made from bone broth and chicken feet, among other sources. Store-bought powdered gelatin works just fine, as well.

6 cups fruit juice

3 cups pureed fruit

1 ½ cup gelatin powder

¾ cup sugar, honey or maple syrup

Stir together the fruit juice and sweetener of choice in a pot. Bring to a gentle simmer before adding the fruit puree (using any kind of fruit, based on nutrition, flavor and dietary restricitons).

Using a whisk, slowly stir in the powdered gelatin. You’ll notice it gets harder to work with unless you take your time, allowing the ingredients to blend naturally and continuously.

Finally, pour the mixture into sections of a non-stick container or simply a large bowl, like you would with classic Jello. Once cooled off, place it in the refrigerator until your fruit gummies begin to take shape!

Healthy fruit snacks

Conventional fruit snacks like fruit roll ups often aren’t as healthy or cost-efficient as we’d like. Like it or not, our kids love them for their flavor and convenience. They’re essentially a fruit leather that’s made of a variety of pureed and dehydrated fruit.

The beauty of fruit leather is that you don’t really need a specific recipe. If you have some pears, apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas, or virtually any kind of fruit, you’re all set. Specifically, we recommend the following ingredients.

10 cups raw fruit

1 ¼ cup sugar, honey or maple syrup (optional)

1/3 cup lemon juice

The purpose of lemon juice in this fruit leather recipe isn’t flavor. The citrus is able to keep the fruit from browning during the drying process, which occurs at low heat.