Holiday Cover – Necessity Not Luxury

Having booked your longed for break abroad, dusted off your passport and sorted out the suitcase, the last thing on your mind will be that anything could go wrong on your trip. But things can and, inevitably, do!

One of the first priorities to consider after your tickets are booked is to get holiday cover signed, sealed and paid for before you take one step further out of your home. Buying an appropriate holiday cover policy from a reputable insurance company could be the best investment you ever make, and you may well be surprised at how affordable it can be.

Don’t leave home without it

Whether it’s a single trip policy, a policy to cover all the family, or even an annual policy to cover you for the entire year, the price of insurance can often be far less than you expect – and far more valuable than you could ever imagine.

Most of us don’t like to think of the “What happens if… ” scenario, but unfortunately what “happens” tends to be when we are at our most relaxed – on holiday. If you’re in an accident abroad the medical expenses incurred can be nothing short of crippling, but even if we’re just talking lost luggage, taking holiday cover enables you to relax that little bit more. You’ll know your insurance policy is there to back you up – whether it’s a trip, fall or something bigger.

The key is knowing the insurer will be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that they are providing the best available services to you and your family. As long as the policy encapsulates everything you may encounter, you’re home and hosed.
Choosing the right policy

Sourcing a good insurer is one thing, but getting the right holiday cover policy is the next hurdle. Read the small print of potential policies, query anything you are unsure about, check out the medical expense limits and know that the cover extends to any adventures you want to get up to. For example, does the cover exclude dangerous sports in case you want to bungee jump on the spur of the moment? Making a rash or spontaneous decision on holiday could be expensive if you find the policy excludes the pursuits you want to take part in.

Ensure the policy has sufficient medical insurance as well as provision if you have to cancel the holiday due to any unforeseen issues, such as a death in the family or you are suddenly made redundant. Ask your insurer questions: how much they will pay out on luggage delay and loss of personal belongings; whether you will be compensated for flight delays; and what will be your personal liability if you happen to cause an accident.