HMO Vs PPO Dental Insurance

Dentist visits are becoming more and more expensive. Emergency dental situations will surely create a big dent on your savings or could cost your entire month’s paycheck. This is the reason why there are people who are considering getting dental insurance to cover their dental needs. But what insurance to get? One of the most popular dental plans would be HMO and PPO dental insurance.

• HMO and PPO

HMO means Health Maintenance Organization dental coverage where plan members would be getting services from dentists who are part of the network they are in. Getting services from a dentist outside of the network is not covered by the insurance benefits. The dentists would then be paid by the insurance company, usually once a month.

PPO means Preferred Provider Organization usually allows patients to choose a dentist outside of the network. But to get full benefits, getting an in-network dental provider is preferred. More patients and dental providers choose PPO because of the flexibility and affordability.

• Difference Between HMO and PPO

One major difference would be the choice of dental provider. HMO plans could be very restrictive, since they would have to work with in-network dentists. Meanwhile, PPO plans allow patients to look for other dentists, if they have to.

Another difference would be how dental providers are paid by the insurance company. With a PPO dental plan, the dentists would provide deductions or lower costs to the patient. But the dentists would be paid in full, by the insurance company. In HMO dental plan, the dental providers are given set fees. There are cases where a dental provider in an HMO dental plan would lessen patient treatments from the HMO network, just to benefit more from the arrangement.


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