Grinding Teeth in Sleep? How to Fix It

Are you grinding teeth in sleep?  You may have been experiencing this condition for years without even knowing it. 

Grinding your teeth can cause a number of irritating problems.  If you grind or clench your teeth you have probably experienced sensitive teeth from the wearing down of the enamel.  Some people have reported experiencing regular headaches from the constant grinding of their teeth.

You can eliminate or decrease teeth grinding with a trip to your dentist.  There are many people who suffer from this condition and a trip to the dentist office can help you overcome the side effects associated with teeth grinding.

There are some treatments your dentist may recommend to get you back on track.

The most common procedure to start off with is usually a mouth guard that you will wear when you are sleeping.  Sometimes one mouth guard will suffice but often two guards for the upper and lower teeth will be needed.  This will keep the teeth from rubbing together therefore protecting the tooth enamel. 

One of the primary causes of grinding your teeth is stress.  Your dentist may recommend that you get involved in programs and techniques that can help you reduce stress and therefore your grinding should reduce.

Your dentist may also recommend a NTI Appliance which is a more advanced form of a mouth guard.  This appliance helps prevent clenching.  This gives you less jaw pain, a smaller amount of wear and tear which results in you saving the enamel on your teeth.

If you have a grinding problem and are suffering the side effects of this condition you should see a dentist as soon as possible.  A lot of people go to the dentist only when the dental pain they are having gets unbearable.  Usually a lack of regular visits to the dentist gets down to not having enough funds available. 


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