Full Coverage Dental Insurance: Are You Fully Covered?

Don’t let the name fool or confuse you. Full coverage dental insurance does not mean all your dental services are fully covered by the insurance. Full coverage would actually cover only the basic or standard dental care.

Full coverage plans are exactly like other dental insurance. The policy or plan holder would pay regular premiums. Because of these premiums, the policy holder would have access to dental service discounts, whether it is partial or full coverage. The policy would state what dental services are fully and partially covered by the insurance company.

When visiting the dentist, the care provider or the policy holder would fill up the forms and send them to the insurance company for claim processing. What is covered by the insurance, although, not the same could include the following:

1. Preventive care. Twice a year dental check-ups, fluoride application and similar dental services that would protect your teeth and gums from developing any dental problems.

2. Basic care. Dental fillings, extraction, and also cleaning could be included. Unlike preventive care, not all basic dental care is 100% covered.

3. Major care. There are major dental works like root canal, bonding, dental implants or surgeries are not entirely covered by dental plans. There are limited dental providers who would cover for this.

4. Diagnostics. Dental services which would help determine tooth condition, like X-ray could also be fully or partially covered by the dental insurance.



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