Free Video Editing Software

If you are looking for a good video editor for your video editing tasks, you can actually have one or two without spending too much on expensive video editors. I am talking about free downloadable video editing software. There are several software that can be downloaded from the web, so even a beginner can conveniently do the editing stuff like adding subtitles or custom animation. These programs will be helpful for you in producing home movies, online web video and video podcasts so easy.

Though most of the downloadable free software have limited features, still it would be a great help already especially to beginners.

Some video devices have free software, while some do not.

Here are some lists of free video editing software that you may want to try:

Windows movie maker: this is an absolutely free software is especially made for Windows. Aside from the basics tools, it also contains additional feature like with additional features like video effects, good collection of transitions and built-in movie titler.

Avid free DV: this program has the basic audio and video editing tools. These features let you to place a video simultaneously in two tracks. Also, Avid provides online tutorials especially helpful for beginners. In addition, Avid free DV is available for Mac OS and Windows XP applications.

HyperEngine-AV: this program is only available for Macs system. It involves a trackless editing system that makes combining video, photos and audio very easy and handy.—-2022.aspx#post169830—Pass-in-First-Attempt.aspx#post169843—Pass-in-First-Attempt.aspx#post169846