Best Flooring Options for your Kitchen Makeover Project

A kitchen makeover can be exciting but the process is quite complicated and time-consuming. It demands various considerations, i.e. your plumbing, electricity, and appliances. Everything has to come together perfectly, to make sure that your kitchen not only looks good but functions optimally too. 

Similarly, your flooring plays a huge role in the final outlook of your kitchen too. Make sure that you set aside at least 6-7% of your budget for the flooring. Remember, cheap flooring is not worth it. It won’t last long and your investment will go to waste. Thus, opt for the best one for longevity and a wonderful final outlook as well. 

Top 5 Best Kitchen Flooring Options:

Here are some of the best flooring options that you can choose:

1. Laminate:

If you are on a budget but want a hardwood floor outlook, then laminate flooring is the best bet for you. Some time back,  laminate floors were not waterproof. However, now waterproof versions of this flooring type are available. It looks very expensive when installed and you require a 787 Carbide Tipped Steel Blade to cut it to perfection. If you are planning to do DIY, make sure you have this blade beside you. 

2. Tile:

Tile is one of the most common flooring options to choose for kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles are common choices that are best suited for kitchens. There is a huge variety available in tiles, varying in size, colors, and patterns. The biggest advantage of tiles is that they are very long-lasting and extremely durable. However, you cannot install tiles on your own. It requires an experienced professional to sort them perfectly. 

3. Hardwood:

Hardwood is one of the traditional flooring choices. But it never goes out of style or demand. Hardwood is not waterproof but if you get solid hardwood floors, with perfect finishing, it does resist water. However, it is recommended to clean all spills right away. This flooring option comes in different patterns and colors and is also easy to update. 

4. Vinyl:

Vinyl has upgraded massively over the past years and it is now available in tiles and planks. It easily mics stone and hardwood floors and is absolutely waterproof, which is why it tends to be a very sensible choice for the kitchen. Just like laminate flooring, vinyl can also be installed on your own. However, the process is a bit time taking. 

5. Cork:

Relatively new to the market, cork is another budget-friendly flooring option that you can opt for. Cork comes in different shades of gray and brown. The flooring is not waterproof but it does resist spills. However, it is best to clean them up before they are completely soaked in. 


Decide your flooring before choosing the countertops and backsplash. Make sure that it resonates well with your kitchen paint and overall vibe to create a visually appealing kitchen.

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