Flood Insurance Considerations

We have all seen the complete and utter devastation of flood disasters in the United States and the World over the last decade. Did you know more humans have been killed by flooding than any other type of natural disaster?

Sure, Earthquakes kill a lot of people, but they kill even more when the dam breaks. Yes, Hurricanes kill a lot of people, but the storm surge is what gets most of them, not the wind. If you look at the major natural disasters in the last century it was flooding that killed the most people.

Face it Floods are serious and I am not talking about just the Floods of Biblical Proportions like Noah or Katrina or the Tsunami in Indonesia either. What you need is flood insurance for your home, in case it is a total loss. But did you know that most homeowner’s insurance policies will not pay for flood damage?

It is true says the FEMA Government website and the website also advises to buy insurance now, and not wait until the big storm, as most insurance companies that write flood policies have a 30-day delay before they start coverage.