First Class Vs Business Class: What’s The Difference?

There is no as such concept of purely “business class” or “first class” anymore. So you never know which airline’s which class is best for which route. Some airlines have better business class cabins than the first class, for some it’s vice versa whereas on some airlines both classes are equal with a slight difference.

So how exactly should I explain my reader what the difference is? Well here is my theory:

Luckily, I have been traveling too much due to work so I got a chance to check the business and first class cabins of different airlines. Some of the airlines have transformed from angled beds to lie-flat bed, now that’s something new and comfortable for the flying experience of passengers.

Business Class Vs First Class

On some airlines it’s the same thing there is nothing much different on it. They have easily got away with it on international routes by simply giving different names to both the cabins “Business/First”. In several cases, these airlines are offering the same lie-flat beds for the, full aisle access seats, a special culinary menu.

If you ask me business class and first class co-exist, the main difference is the number of seats, the food and wine, better airport lounges, more in-flight facilities, more flight attendants and definitely more privacy. But when it comes to the prices there is a huge difference in the price of both classes and when you realize that you are actually paying more for the same services being offered in both the classes you would really want to think again.

Best Business And First Class Airlines:

British Airways – With their lie-flat beds in their A380 business and first class cabins British airways has become the top choice of many travelers.

Singapore Airlines- Singapore Airlines have recently renovated both of their cabins not because they needed it but what the heck they just wanted to stay in the competition.

Etihad – Etihad is the best of them all for me as they have lie-flat beds and aisle access on all of their fleet apart from that they even has on-board chef who cooks delicious cuisines or you according to your taste.

Emirates – Similar to Singapore airline Emirates have separate first class suites and amazing on board showers.

American Airlines – American Airlines with their amazing food and wine services also have the best on board entertainment selection as well as a good Wi-Fi facility.


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