Factors to Consider When Buying No Medical Exam Life Insurance

The cost of some insurance plans can be very prohibitive. It is advisable to shop around to get an affordable no medical exam life insurance plan. Making positive lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, kicking away your smoking habits or managing your health problem with medication can get you a cover with better rates. It is important to give honest answers in your application form. Do not lie, perhaps about your weight, height or health to save you money. If the insurance company discovers you have not been truthful, this can lead to an automatic decline. Worse still, the carrier can refuse to honor future claims. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to be accurate up front.

ยท Application process

Insurance companies allow buyers to use various channels to make their application. If you are interested in buying a medically underwritten plan, you will be required to take a medical exam. For this reason, you may need to visit your medical doctor or the insurance company can send a paramedical company to your home to take a blood and urine test. The exam can take about 30 minutes, while the results take several days to be derived. Therefore, you can expect to wait for several weeks or months before you are approved for a traditional plan. On the other hand, the plan does not require a medical exam. Nevertheless, some insurance carriers may seek for answers pertaining to an applicant health, although they do not base their decisions on the response given. The application process of such plans are easy and can be done online or through the phone.