Eyeglasses VS Contact Lenses

Eyeglasses are perfect for those who don’t like to wear contacts. Contact lenses can sometimes irritate people’s eyes because they are not used to having a small piece of plastic in their eye, and it becomes uncomfortable. The greatest solution for this is to purchase a pair of Eye Glasses that have the correct lens prescription for your eyes and wear those instead of contact lenses.

Contacts can also become ripped every now and then, and when this happens they can scratch the cornea. If your cornea does become scratched by a ripped contact, the best solution for this is to simply not wear contact lenses for many days until your eye gets better. While you are waiting for your cornea to heal, you can wear Rx Glasses to correct your vision.

Though many might be hesitant to wear eye glasses because they fear that they could break, there are actually many types of eyeglass lenses that are designed not to break when hit or dropped. Shatter-resistant lenses, such as plastic, polycarbonate or other hi-index material lenses, have various degrees of strength to ensure that they will not break when dropped or mishandled. In fact, polycarbonate surpass AR lenses are 10 times more impact resistant then regular plastic lenses. These types of lenses are great for kids or sports activists.

Also, there are many types of eyeglass frame materials that are shatter resistant as well. Plastic and metal frames are good for shatter resistance because they are sturdy. Wire glasses frames don’t shatter, but they bend very easily so they are not ideal for kids or aggressive activities.