Ethical Hacking Training – What you Need to Know

Most of us use the internet on mobile, laptops, and many other digital gadgets daily. We usually hear that some websites’ data gets stolen or someone transfers huge amounts from a particular bank to an unknown location in a different country. Due to growing security breaches in offices and organizations worldwide, hacking techniques are made use of with positive view to help others and serve a fruitful purpose. And for this, you need to be certified with ethical hacking certifications. Sometimes the Government’s top-secret data gets leaked on public platforms. We wonder how it is possible who does that and what their motive is. Hackers are definitely behind them, and they come under cybercrime.  

Now, what is hacking? It is a kind of theft. Here thieves are not stealing anything physically; instead, they do it digitally using malicious software and lucrative phishing mails.

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Ethical hackers

So how can someone stop their data (intellectual property), money, credit/debit card details, secret details, cybercrimes, websites, etc., from being hacked? First, they need a fully secured system that can’t be hacked. Ethical hackers can do this job. Ethical hackers are people or teams who expose security breaches in their products. Ethical hackers may have done an ethical hacking course from reputed institutes or online platforms. The dynamic work they do helps to refine an organization’s security position. They ensure that your data is secured.

Is ethical hacking legal?   

Yes, ethical hacking is legal and one of the highly paid professions. You need to be an expert in your job- that’s the basic criteria to get certification in ethical hacking. An ethical hacker has official permission in a legal and authorized manner to assess the security position of a target system.

There are three main categories of hackers, they are known as:

White hat —These hackers are simple people who love studying computers and performing their hacking lawfully as a career in the cybersecurity sector. Normally, they classify as white hat hackers. Ethical hackers are also called penetration testers. They have authority from the holders of the devices they hack and normally earn money from detecting weaknesses and solidifying computer systems.

Black hat — This is a criminal offense, as it grants unauthorized access. They engage in hacking unlawfully and with deadly intent. They can send malware to destroy the system or lock the computer/server. This is a dangerous and unethical practice by people or countries to disturb their enemy’s economy.

Grey hat — a person who attains unauthorized access sometimes, discloses the weak point to the company, and asks for money to fix the problem. Again, this is against the law though their intention is fair.

Can I learn it on my own? 

Suppose you have passion, a result-oriented focus, and full dedication to learning new things which will help stop theft and data security and, most importantly, don’t get frustrated easily. In that case, this course is for you. You need to be up to date and think like a professional hacker. 

Hacking or penetration testing requires technical knowledge and thorough knowledge of psychology and social engineering.

On the technical side, to become an experienced hacker, you will require to study the following key topics:

  • Computer skills and Basic IT
  • Computer networking
  • Linux operating system (OS)
  • Web applications and websites
  • Programming
  • Cryptography

Where to learn and get certification? 

If you want to get certified, you can do it from EC Council. This member-based institution certifies people in many information security and e-business skills. They have several cybersecurity courses for working professionals, so they get qualified to upskill themselves and progress in their careers. These certification training courses specialize in information security and cybersecurity for various job roles. Cyber security certification is one of the highest ranking certifications linked to ethical hacking.Ethical Hacking is one of the best-qualified fields to make a solid career for your future. If you are interested in technologies, you can enjoy this sector by dedicating your time to this. Ethical Hackers are in high demand, so many people want to make their career in this field. One must do ethical hacking certifications to pursue a career as an ethical hacker. It has many excellent chances and an enormous scope in this cutting-edge technological world in the future.

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