Edit Digital Photography – Best Free Photo Editors For Windows

You don’t even have to open your wallet to take advantage of some of the photo editors out there. Many are free and ready to download from home! These software programs will fill your basic image editing needs with easy to use features offering standard photo enhancement jobs.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 free photo editing programs for Windows which you may like to look at. These are quality programs which give commercial ones a serious run for their money. Do take note, however, that some of these programs may be limited in features unless you buy an upgrade version.

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source program originally developed by two university students in 1996. It has now morphed into a powerful image editor with a huge user base. The latest version, the GIMP 2.0, has a revamped user interface that places it up there with mainstream image editors.

Picasa can assist in all of your photo needs from organization to editing. This powerful freeware helps you to directly find, edit and share all of the pictures on your PC. Picasa can easily manage your photos by arranging them into visual albums for quick reference. Plus, Picasa offers the ability to repair any flaws in your photos in only a few simple steps. Sharing your photos with friends and family is simple with Picasa’s email, printing or CD options.

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor has a list of features comparable to Adobe Photoshop. With this program, you can effortlessly zoom into and pan within your image and carry out standard image editing. It also provides a wide range of color adjustment selections. While the free version is limited, you can purchase the commercial Pro version for the reasonable price of $30.

ImageForge is a freeware image editor gives you a great set of tools for painting and editing images and photos. Whether you want to touch up your photo shots, or add a creative effect to a boring photo, ImageForge can provide you with the tools to do it. You can even share your photos easily by creating photo albums and simple slide shows.

Paint.NET markets itself as an on-going project at Washington State University, with features that equal commercial functions, including support for layers. It is offered as freeware and is readily accessible for download. There is a special Effects API for you to generate your own special effects in addition to standard image editing features. The program also has a strong user base that sustains its progress and development.


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