Doorknob – An Essential Part of Tot Proofing Your Home

If you have a new baby in the house, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to make your home safer.

It will seem like no time at all before that cooing baby is a crawling baby, then a toddling tot. This is when they’re going to start getting in trouble.

Babies are curious by nature. They want to know what everything is, how it works, and how it tastes. When they start gaining mobility this means no cabinet or door in your home is going to be free of their scrutiny, unless you secure them now.

Now is a good time to take an inventory of your house. Think of all the cabinets and doors at the baby’s level. Let’s start in the bathroom. What’s under the sink? Chances are you have cleaning supplies for the toilet and sink, as well as possibly make-up, perfumes, hair sprays, and a number of other chemicals and items that should not be part of a baby’s diet. In the kitchen, you also probably have more cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the sink. The food shelves have more than their fair share of glass bottles and jars that could come tumbling down and break. All of these threats are just inside the house.

Then look outside. While you may say you won’t let your little one get outside, that is exactly the attitude that leads to problems. It takes just seconds for you to turn your back and that small one to have twisted the doorknob and started out into your back yard or towards your pool.

So how do you keep your child from being one of those sad statistics? Start now. In the bathrooms and kitchen you should look for safety latches that can be hooked to the doorknob on a cabinet and keep it closed. These will have to be installed, but it’s relatively easy. Doorknob locks and latches are screwed into the main part of the cabinetry and can be latched around the doorknob to hold it shut when someone pulls on it. There are a number of styles of doorknob locks and latches on the market, and you should choose them carefully. Not all of them are strong enough to hold up against a big tug from a child. Make sure you choose ones that will be durable when a little one, who wants to get in, tugs on the doorknob time and time again.

If it would be better to keep your little one out of an entire room that holds threats, but you can’t lock everyone out, there is also the option of installing doorknob covers. They are literally covers that slip over the door knob, but can be removed by an adult, to keep a child from being able to turn the knob and get in or out. These can also be a useful tool to put on the doors to the outside of your home to keep your child from making his way out.