Do Business Overseas? You Need International Liability Insurance!

If you or your employees travel out of the United States to conduct business dealings, your standard business or commercial insurance will not cover you for accidents that occur there. It doesn’t take much to envision the disastrous repercussions of an accident without adequate coverage.

Stan is a businessman like you. When he started sending his employee abroad to help grow his business, he considered all the possibilities.

Here’s Stan’s story:

Stan sold electrical gadgets in the local market. Finding product sources in the Orient enabled him to buy cheap and sell cheap. With the low prices, his business grew and to his joy, so did his clientele. But with overall sales soaring, Stan had a difficult time keeping pace with his inventory. He decided to appoint one of his men as overseas agent – someone who would travel to China to handpick and purchase the merchandise.

Though it seemed like a win-win prospect, there was a catch. With his employee intermittently traveling to and in Beijing, he was presented with a much larger liability risk exposure.

“I realized that I could not ignore the cold facts,” claims Stan. “Should any of my workers get involved in an auto or truck collision that resulted in another vehicle’s damages or injury or loss of life to another party, I would be in plenty of hot water, with no coverage from my general policy.”

Stan’s determination was absolutely on target. US companies engaged in international business have no guarantee that they will be protected from lawsuit liability for losses, including auto and property damages, medical bills and so on.

“What did I do?” continues Stan. “I approached an experienced independent agency that got me tailored international coverage at a competitively lowest quote! Following that, business continued as usual without the headaches or loss of sleep in regard to all the potential perils.”

An International policy is the ideal choice for businesses engaged in world commerce, or student/religious groups traveling to distant lands. It provides coverage for: