Discount Cork Flooring

Traditional flooring is not an option anymore for many homes because it attracts dust and requires high maintenance, among other disadvantages. Cork flooring is the best alternative because it is easy to care for, simple yet impressive in appearance, and gives interiors a real lift. Moreover, the installation of cork flooring is so uncomplicated, with no messy or smelly, polluting glues.

The flooring even comes in “do-it-yourself” packages and can be installed right on top of the existing flooring. Whether one wants an outstanding room or just a low-cost flooring alternative that is easy to maintain, cork is the best choice. Most top-quality flooring such as cork is available at wholesale prices. That is as much of a discount one can expect in many instances.

Cork flooring has been used in commercial spaces for years. One commonly cited example is the Toronto Stock Exchange building. The cork flooring did not negatively impact the joints of traders who were up and about the livelong day. It also made for a more serene indoor atmosphere as opposed to most other traditional flooring solutions. During the 1950s, cork floors were installed in public spaces such as restaurants and gyms because people spent a lot of time standing in these places.

As the time went by, manufacturers of cork flooring tried to bring down costs by replacing huge tiles with a veneer pattern on the face of a composition cork base and by reducing the thickness of the tiles from four to two millimeters. These experiments produced undesirable results such as breaking of tiles during installation. As a result, cork flooring sales declined and the industry earned a bad name.

Through the 1990s, however, the sale of cork tiles rose significantly. The mistakes of the past were corrected and manufacturers made sure the product was high in quality. Today installation can be done with little or no trouble, highlighting the benefits of the product in the process.