Dental Plans Offered By Humana Dental Insurance

Humana dental insurance is among the trusted insurance providers in the country. They offer different policies and plans which help individuals achieve their much needed dental attention.

Humana offers affordable insurance focused on preventive and basic dental care. Their dental plans are also very easy to understand, making them plan holder friendly. Combining affordability and quality service, Humana is considered as one of the top providers of dental insurance.

There are three types of dental insurance offered by Humana.

1. Humana Preventive Plus. In this dental plan, most of the services covered focus on preventive dental care. It is also considered as the PPO plan of the insurance company. Since it is PPO, plan holders who would be getting dental services form in-network dentists would be enjoying the full benefits of the plan. They could even have additional discounts. But plan holders are not required to get service from in-network dentists and could get outside of the network. This offers flexibility.

2. Humana C550. In this dental plan, the plan holder would be choosing a primary dentist. The plan would fully cover diagnostic and preventive care. There are no deductibles in this plan, but there is a $10 co-payment. The price is very reasonable, which makes it ideal if you are after a low cost dental plan.

3. Humana Discount Plan. Different from insurance policies, the discount plan would is very affordable since you have to pay only $10 every month. By paying the monthly fee, the plan holder could get as much as 20 to 50% discount from different dental treatments and services, as long as you get the service from an in-network dentist.

Overall, the Human plans are all about flexibility and providing plan members options. Aside from that, the plans are very affordable which would allow more people to have access to dental care.


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