Dental Insurance for Seniors

Dental care and treatment can become an expensive affair if the individual does not have an insurance cover. The most popular health insurance opted by almost 97% of the population is for dental care. Employers provide managed care, indemnity or direct disbursement plans for insurance cover with each plan having its own pluses and minuses.

Since all these plans are dependent on employment, the seniors need to have plans for coverage post retirement for meeting medical expenses. Since insurance is expensive, they can opt for dental discount plan which caters to funding almost 60% of the expenses and which have the following advantages:

• No waiting period: The paper work involved is least and a membership card can be obtained on payment of a monthly or annual fee within seven to ten days. The fee charged is about $100 annually. Most importantly, the individual does not have to wait for commencement of coverage unlike rules governing insurance plans.
• Cost effective: The individual can opt to visit a practitioner anywhere in the country and not from a pre-stated list and get a discount for the treatment showing the membership card. Discounts from 10 to 60% can be availed.
• Lesser encumbrance: The paper work involved in filing claims or other forms for pre-determining gains is lesser than those in dental insurance plans. Also, there is no limitation on the benefits or deductibles. Unlike insurance, dental discounts provide cover for procedures like bonding or veneer.


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